Piano hammers and I Ching Gong

Show Catalog

A tribute to John Cage and the 100th anniversary of his birth.

The intention is for a beautiful Chinese cymbal to sound out in a random and unpredictable fashion. The viewer activates a motion sensor running a microprocessor which randomly controls the servos and causes the piano hammers to strike the cymbal. Riding on top of the inverted cymbal, a standard golf ball reacts to the striking and tilting of the cymbal and moves in an unpredictable orbit over its surface. Between the ball and cymbal, the combinations of sounds are infinite. The inspiration for this sound piece was John Cage's 100th birthday anniversary and Cage's interest and work with I Ching and chance improvisation. His Birthday was celebrated in Tempe Arizona with a gallery show called "The Activity of Sound". The Show Catalog is available below for download.

This was and excellent show and featured some of the countries greatest artist making "sound" art. You can see these artist and read more about the show by downloading this beautiful Catalog here.



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Sculpture by T.J. Hogan