T.J. Hogan Figure Sculpture Gallery. click on images to see detail. Also see the Contemporary Gallery.

T. J. Hogan, nationally recognized, award-winning artist and alumnus of the ASU School of Art in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.
Hogan, who has exhibited nationally since 2000, has received several sculpture awards and was invited to participate in the 2003 Florence Biennale. He received his Bachelor of Arts from ASU and his Master of Fine Arts from California State University, Fullerton. Here is a small sample of some of his figure works

Bronze Athlete #4



Bronze Athlete #5



The Weight



Future Present



Beethoven Statue #1



Bronze Athlete #2



Bronze Athlete #1



Seated Nudes



A Famous Actress



Clay Bust



Dan T.



Plaster Cast



self portrait



Wood Mask



Bee Boy



Marble Torso



Male Athlete

Also see the Contemporary Gallery